Heron Bay Wedding Style Shoot

Being new to the scene, we felt like it was time we got some wedding portfolio for ourselves… This is what happened.

Let’s rewind a couple months.

We had just finished our portfolio shoot with Anita & JC and were feeling like we should put together a wedding style shoot to gain portfolio and sell our wedding packages!

We also wanted to work with other local vendors, hopefully establishing some relationships with other prominent professionals in the area which we could work closely with in the future.

And lastly we felt like our timeline was a little rushed with winter fast approaching and the famous Vancouver rain along with it!

Luckily, as we were in the midst of putting this shoot together, we got the opportunity to work with Heron Bay Stables as they were also looking for portfolio to show their farm off as a wedding venue. We felt this was absolutely perfect as we love the Boho style and thought we could put our own twist on it!

A couple more months go by, we go through some vendor changes, and before long it was looking like we were ready to shoot!

But then… the rain came…

So we pushed the shoot back and inevitably the new date conflicted with both the model and vendor schedules. Add to the fact it was now early November and time was really running out fast. So we set to work finding new vendors to work with and as for our models we got to work with Magnus and Olya again!

We had worked with them in months prior, pulling off a Calvin Klein styled shoot with the two of them and we absolutely loved their look and chemistry together. So when our first model fell through, we didn’t hesitate to call them up and thankfully they agreed!

So we all agreed on a date and it really looked like we were going to get lucky with the weather…

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0001.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0003.jpg

So on November 25th we get to Heron Bay Stables, meet with our awesome vendors for the day, and start shooting! Excited that the weather was holding up, and everything was going well. We started with working with the florist and decorating the gazebo which was the first shoot location. After rearranging things and getting the flowers in place on the gazebo, we hung the dress up and started capturing some beautiful dress shots.

And just as we were finishing up with the dress, the heavens started to open up and the rain began to drizzle down.

Not to mention we forgot to bring Magnus’ suit… so while Olya was getting her makeup finished up, Josh had to hustle back to the house and grab the suit! Luckily we didn’t live to far away and we were still able to start relatively on time.

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0005.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0016.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0008.jpg

Olya looked absolutely STUNNING in the dress and we wasted no time getting her up to the gazebo to start the shoot. Bridal portraits were a big part of our shoot and the gazebo was a great setting for them. The bouquet matched the decorations really well and we felt like the white dress really pops out amidst the warm browns and greens of the background!

And after we felt we took enough portraits, it was time for Magnus to get out from under the umbrella and join Olya on the gazebo. Very carefully though… as wet, mossy wood is probably the most slippery surface on the whole planet. Not saying Josh slipped but… he slipped.

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0010.jpg

And now seems like a good time to talk about the theme of the shoot. We really wanted to stand out from the normal farm wedding shoots and show off a more elegant, fashion look. And while we originally wanted sunny weather for the shoot, we quickly realized that the moodier cloud cover was a better look for the shoot. Giving a special vibe and feel to the shoot.

So with that in mind we wanted Magnus and Olya to remain close but act a little cold to one another. We felt this would sell the setting and the mood much better then if they were smiling and romantic together.

And to add to the story side of things, the style film would use Sonnet 17 by Pablo Neruda, a poem that talks about a relationship that is past the honeymoon phase and even possibly past the loving phase. This relationship though has stood the test of time and the lovers feel as though they are one and the same. A darker sense of love and devotion.

So with that, we had a narrative for the photos and video and we could play on that throughout each location during the shoot!

And after the gazebo, we were on to the field and the horse!

Here we would have Magnus bring Olya the horse, hoping that Olya would get some good moments of interaction with it. And luckily she did amazing, seeming to bond really quickly with the horse leading to some great shots.

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0019.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0018.jpg

Next we decorated a section of the fence that they had around the field; utilizing some decorations that they already had. We loved the rustic look of this next section, perfectly framed by the bright yellow trees in the background!

And on a side note, this is where we got the two of them to get a little more intimate, progressing the story through to it’s final location.

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0021.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0023.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0024.jpg

And if a beautiful horse and gazebo aren’t enough for you, this farm also has a bunch of old vintage cars that are available for photo shoots! So they graciously allowed us to use an old truck which we positioned in the middle of their gorgeous driveway.

This part of the story features Magnus getting the car ready for Olya, before they head to their final location.

And with that, a quick hair and makeup change! Plus a chance for us to dry ourselves and our gear off… Everything was completely soaked at this point. But were never afraid of tough shooting conditions, choosing to always focus on capturing the moments and making the most of these shoots instead of always worrying about our gear. For better or for worse I guess…

But after a quick break we were ready to shoot at our next location.

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0029.jpg

And the benefits of using a larger vehicle like a truck is that there’s more space! A bonus when working with a tighter dress allowing for a very limited amount of movement.

Lots of intimate interactions inside of the truck, adding to the almost claustrophobic space inside.

And even though the entire shoot has been shot with natural light so far, I did plan on possibly using flash so I had a softbox setup ready to go. This was the perfect light setup to illuminate the inside of the truck, adding some soft yet dramatic light to the couple.

To be honest though I was just really happy that I didn’t bring that huge softbox out there for nothing…

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0030.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0032.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0031.jpg

Last but not least, we have the dike field! Located just 3 minutes walking distance away from the farm. This field has a neat little lookout point and a huge amount of tall grass that looks absolutely gorgeous with a telephoto lens!

And another bonus to shooting in late November was the fact that all the grass was brown! This added a really cool look to the shots and I really think it fits the vibe of the entire style shoot.

Magnus and Olya are again, really intimate and romantic in this field; giving a nice finale for the story. I really can’t say enough how great it is to have direction and story throughout a photo shoot, giving natural progression and thought process to all of the shots. It makes a big difference to the experience on the day but best of all it really sets the final eternity book apart from a regular album. There is actual story progression as you flip through which we think makes a huge difference to the experience of flipping through a book.

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0033.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0036.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0038.jpg
Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0039.jpg

And just like that… we were done! Wet, cold, but a smile on all our faces as we knew we had pulled off something special here. Now it was time to head back, dry off, and pack up our equipment left all around the farm. Within half an hour it was pitch black and we were heading home, happy that this shoot was finally over. If you’ve never organized a style shoot before, it is a special kind of headache, especially for us who are no experts at planning events. Everyone is volunteering their time, effort, and resources to make this shoot happen and of course that leads to some difficulties along the way. We are SO grateful to all the amazing vendors that worked with us and we cannot thank you all enough!

Male Model: Magnus Futrell-Fruhling - https://www.instagram.com/magnus.magneto/

Female Model: Olya Kryvenda - https://www.instagram.com/okryvenda/

Location: Heron Bay Stables - https://www.facebook.com/HeronBayStables/

Floral: Flower Shop in the Village - https://www.instagram.com/ladnerflowers/

HMUA: Natalie Simoes - https://www.instagram.com/natsimoesmakeup/

Dress: Alma Bridal - https://www.instagram.com/alma.bridal/

Huge, Huge, HUUUUGGGEEE thank you to all of you!

Nov 25 - Bridal Farm Style Shoot - FinalEdit - Web 0015.jpg


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