Chad & Blair Post Wedding

Almost 3 full months after our last shoot with Chad & Blair, we got to bring them out again for a post-wedding shoot after they got married in New Zealand over the Christmas holidays.

In the new year, we managed to meet with them again to discuss their upcoming Vancouver wedding celebration as we knew that they were planning on hosting a party for their friends and family that couldn’t make it to their official wedding overseas. During this meeting we discussed some options and settled on capturing the party first, then taking them out a second day to supplement the photos from the reception.

But let’s start from where the photos and video start: 7:00 am at Cleveland Dam.

So after sneaking out of the house at 6:00 am to let Isla sleep, we picked up Chad & Blair and drove out to Cleveland Dam in North Vancouver. The aim was to get there by 7:00 to catch the sun rising over the mountain peaks in the distance and I think it’s safe to say that it was worth the trouble! The weather was perfect, there was nobody around, and we ended up having a pretty great time aside from the freezing cold temperatures…

This shoot was designed to be more of an adventure story, starting at Cleveland Dam, hitting Lynn Valley, before going to the Sylvia Hotel and connecting with the party at night. We wanted to highlight the journey and adventure these two shared on their way towards marriage which meant a lot of different locations and transitions between them. But this time would be a lot more light-hearted laughing, walking, and dancing as we aim to focus more on the love these two share for one another.

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0009.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0010.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0004.jpg

After successfully capturing these two with the gorgeous mountain scenery behind them, we actually got them to reenact their first dance that they did at their reception. This we would then use at the end, cutting between the shots of them at the reception and out here at Cleveland Dam!

But that stuff you’ll see later, and now we are moving on to using some of the gorgeous sunlight that just started to peak through the trees.

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0017.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0018.jpg

And from there we continued on to a stunning tree line where the lighting was just perfect! This location was actually planned out as well as a great way to connect the sunrise scene to the shoot on the dam itself which is coming up in just a bit.

So out came the drone again to capture a high angle that I just simply can’t reach. Utilizing a drone like this is great because I can get angles and shots that normally would not be an option. Not to mention using it for some stunning video as I whip the thing across the sky.

The only minor hiccup were the seagulls that came WAY too close to the white DJI Mavic Pro that I had in the sky…

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0026.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0028.jpg

Which brings us to the first major transition of the shoot! As we go from Cleveland Dam to the Lynn Loop trail. After researching and scouting both locations, I noticed how the bridge at Lynn Loop could pair nicely with the lookout at the Dam. The drone could also be used here as there was enough space to fly it and capture the raging waters below.

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0031.jpg

Exiting the bridge, we brought them down to the edge of the water where we could use the large rocks to set up some really great photos. The snow was really unplanned for this entire shoot, but ended up giving us perfect lighting as if there was someone holding a huge white reflector under Chad & Blair for the entire shoot! And thankfully the snow didn’t impair their movement as much as we feared it might, especially when posing on the rocks by the water.

Continuing on to the gorgeous forest at Lynn Valley, in a clearing we found when scouting the location months ago! Now all we need is a slick transition to get us into the forest…

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0042.jpg

And my god did we ever luck out with the lighting conditions inside the forest! Nice shaded areas with beams of light shining through the trees, highlighting their hair as well as the snow falling from the trees above.

Which brings us to the Sylvia hotel, where we would shoot some transitional scenes before wrapping up our supplementary shoot! Here we introduce the hotel, shoot at some of the nicer areas, and setup a great day to night transition to take us into the reception party shot two weeks prior.

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0052.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0055.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0057.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0074.jpg

We started our coverage of the party by getting there early, setting up, and getting some details of the decorations they made. This included an unbelievably cute cake topper that their relative made using our editorial photo of them as reference (see below).

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0060.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0061.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0062.jpg

Then once the guests started to arrive, capturing candid moments became the focus as Chad & Blair began to entertain their hosts.

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0063.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0068.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0067.jpg

And as these things usually go and the night goes on, the guests started to get a little more loose and dance to the good music! This is always a fun time for us photographers as people get more relaxed in front of the cameras and let their hair down a little bit.

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0076.jpg

And last but not least, the first dance. Our plan for this was to capture the dance during the reception, but also reenact the dance up at Cleveland Dam during sunrise. This would give a sort of transporting effect to the viewer as the intimacy of the dance during the party makes way for the epic landscape surrounding them at Cleveland Dam!

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0069.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0015.jpg
Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0072.jpg

We finish with Chad & Blair kissing at the end of their first dance which is definitely a fitting end to this story. We couldn’t be happier with all these photos and really lucked out with amazing weather and fantastic scenery! It was definitely worth all the struggles with the cold and the snow.

As always we want to thank Chad & Blair for all their hard work and we actually find ourselves feeling a little melancholy as we are realizing we don’t get to shoot these two anymore. It’s always a nice feeling when you can look forward to future shoots with couples that you get to know, but I guess we can always hope for anniversary shoots down the road!

And again, pre-planning played such a major role in this shoot as we tied all these locations together as well as creating a cohesive colour tone, matching outdoors during sunrise to indoors under warm interior lighting. We knew we were going to lean heavily towards purple because of their suits, leaving warm colours as prime candidates for the highlights! And we think you’ll agree, the suits look absolutely amazing in all the shots. Shout out to Indochino!

Chad&Blair-PostWedding-Final-SD 0044.jpg


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