Chad & Blair Editorial

It’s always nice to be appreciated by the work that you do.

That’s why we were very flattered when Chad reached out on Instagram to let us know he loved our colour portraiture work which we were posting lots of at the time. After creeping his profile and seeing that he was in fact a model, we replied back that we would love to do a collaboration with him and that we should meet up to discuss some options. Lo and behold we learned of a certain special person in Chad’s life named Blair, and that’s when this Editorial shoot began to take shape!

So after a long meeting with the two of them, we went back to our office and started to plan out Chad & Blair’s elaborate Editorial shoot.

Our story was going to center around their relationship in a much more obvious way then the shoots we have done prior to this one. We learned that Chad teaches a step aerobics class at the YMCA downtown (location 1), that Blair works as an animator for blockbuster movies, that they love to go to lunch at a cafe (location 2), they love to watch movies together (location 3/4), Chad loves to tickle Blair, they hand made beaded flowers as wedding favours, they love spending time at home with each other in their incredibly eclectic space (location 6), they have a fish tank, and they love to star gaze (location 7).

And believe it or not, we actually managed to fit all that into their shoot together!

So on Saturday, December 1st, we set out to the YMCA to begin what would be a very long and very fun day with Chad & Blair.

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0004.jpg
Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0007.jpg
Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0006.jpg

With Chad loving our colour gel portraiture work, of course we had to incorporate some of that into our editorial shoot. So we darkened the room at the YMCA, set up our LED lights with gels on them, and started with some portraits of Chad. Even using a little atmosphere aerosol to give a bit of depth to the background.

And after that it was time to bring in the backup dancers… Yes we had backup dancers…

To sell the effect that Chad was teaching a step class, we asked him if some of his class would like to be in the background for this shoot. And amazingly, a bunch actually agreed!

So we had a fake step aerobics class for our shoot which went perfectly and it was time to head to our second location: the cafe.

Since Blair was an animator and works with digital imagery, we thought it would be a fun idea to have Blair ‘edit’ one of Chad’s photos at the cafe. This would provide a nice seamless transition between the YMCA and the cafe, where Chad was going to meet him for lunch.

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0008.jpg

And after a quick session with the two of them at the table, it was time to transition to the next location: the movie theater.

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0017.jpg

As you might know by now, we absolutely LOVE to plan out nice transitions between locations. And with this shoot incorporating so many locations, we had a blast coming up with ones like this that would work for both photo & video.

Now it was just a matter of timing the cars perfectly and hope Chad & Blair had a good expression! Good thing these two had amazing chemistry and were nothing but smiles the entire shoot!!

We loved the idea of using the Stanley Theater because of the neon lights on the exterior of the building. This colour scheme works perfectly with the colours used during the step class scene, so it was a no-brainer to use it. But unfortunately, the interior of the Stanley is not exactly accessible… and if it was I’m sure it would be incredibly expensive to try and rent out!

Luckily the Cineplex across town seemed to have no problem with us using one of their empty theaters and were even kind enough to put up a fake movie! Although the animated Grinch movie seemed like an odd choice…

Fun fact: this movie theater scene was actually shot BEFORE the exterior of the Stanley. That way it could be dark enough outside to let the neon lights shine.

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0019.jpg
Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0023.jpg

Again! Red and blue inside the movie theater! Absolutely love that we could keep this warm/cool colour toning throughout the entire shoot.

But now it was time to head out of the theater and head home through Gastown.

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0033.jpg
Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0038.jpg

Which brings us to possibly one of our favourite transition sequences to date. Combining Chad’s love of tickling Blair as well as a sweet transition from Gastown to their house! They would be tickling each other, leading to them falling over past the camera, and falling onto their couch in their living room.

One. Sweet. Transition.

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0035.jpg

And you’re probably thinking at this point: “ok what is going on with the lighting in their home?” To which I would reply: “they seriously had lights set up like that in their home!”

Honestly… they did. So we just used our LED lights and supplemented the lighting that already existed in their home to create this really cool setting. Bonus was that it feels authentic to Chad & Blair!

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0044.jpg

Now it was time for the ring shot and remember those beaded flowers I was talking about earlier? Well here is where we put them to use, personalizing their ring shots and giving the shot a ton of extra pop!

Well I guess the colours and lighting actually gave these ring photos their pop… but I’ll stop bragging about that.

On to the rest of our shoot in their apartment, ending with a fun way to transition to the last scene: stargazing… Well actually more citygazing but close enough!

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0047.jpg
Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0049.jpg
Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0051.jpg

Now lets take a moment to appreciate just how gorgeous the Vancouver skyline is at night… absolutely breathtaking.

And with that, we finished the shoot! Fantastically happy with how everything turned out and really excited to put both the film and the photos together. I think more then anything, we are just really thankful for the time we get to meet and plan everything with the couple. The only way to seamlessly transition through a full day shoot like this is to treat it like a story in a movie, storyboarding to plan out the sequence of shots as well as the colour tone and compositions.

So big thank you to Chad & Blair for meeting with us so much, putting up with the full day photo shoot, and giving us great smiles no matter how cold you were!

Chad&Blair-Editorial-Final-Web 0022.jpg


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