Anita & JC's Wedding Day

Finally! Our first official Lex & Josh wedding!

It feels like we’ve been waiting for this moment ever since we launched back in September and it feels so amazing that it finally happened. All this hard work we put in to working with portfolio couples and clients for free, all the risks that we took, it was all for this moment to happen and it’s so gratifying that it all worked out the way we hoped it would!

Check out our Vlogs about their big day!

Our main goal for wedding days is to capture the best story of the day possible, and make sure we put the time and effort required into the pre-planning stages of the wedding. That means extensive meetings and emails, showing up for the rehearsal, sketching up ideas for shots, and generally just making sure that we have a game plan heading into the wedding day. Even if the wedding day schedule doesn’t go to plan, we can improvise while still having an eye on the larger story that we want to tell and that really pays off in the end product.

So with that in mind, let me tell you how Anita & JC’s wedding day schedule completely fell apart, and how we still ended up LOVING the photos and video that we got!

We even managed to make a 12 and a half minute feature film! Which incorporated their editorial shoot and much more of their relationship together. We are super proud of both these films and think they perfectly represent our ‘Lex & Josh’ style!


We began our day at Anita & JC’s apartment! We thought it would be really cute to get a few moments of them relaxing together before the wedding day began, plus logistically it worked out with rides etc so it was perfect!


And cute it was! But in the larger context of the story it seemed a little confusing. So we got Anita to say ‘Bye’ to JC, which would then lead into a getting ready shoot for JC!


That way in the film and in the album, their getting ready sequences could still feel like they are happening at the same time even though they didn’t.

And so we started JC’s getting ready shoot, starting with a shaving sequence inside their bathroom, before getting detail shots and moving to the bedroom to get dressed.


And with that quick session finished, it was time to head to Anita’s dad’s place where we would meet up with JC’s groomsmen and the parents!


Story wise, this meetup with Anita did not happen as she was getting ready with her bridesmaids at the same time JC was getting ready. But of course we wanted to also capture these moments with friends and family as they serve as great memories for Anita & JC!


After everyone was dressed and ready to go, it was time for Anita to leave and meet with her bridesmaids, while JC would do his interview style question and answers! This is something that Anita & JC thought of, as they loved the idea of both answering the same 3 questions without knowing them before hand. That way they could get an honest look at what they meant to each other and look back on it in years time.

And what was meant to just be a video that we deliver to them separately from the film, ended up forming the core of their feature film! They answered the questions so well that we had a huge amount of really great audio from them, personal stories that really captured their relationship in an amazing way.


Then JC joined his groomsmen for a quick game of pool, before ending with a group photo all together.

I thought it would be funny to get them to try and look serious together, knowing full well they would crack up and lead to some great moments. They did not disappoint!


Then we said bye to the boys, and had a quick drive over to the girls who were getting ready at the Westin Bayshore hotel. There, we found a hectic scene of girls getting ready, a very large dress getting steamed, and one bride joyfully getting her makeup done.

So naturally we just started capturing the moment.

Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0150.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0170.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0155.jpg

Along with grabbing some detail shots of Anita’s shoes, earrings, and rings!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0037.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0034.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0036.jpg

Then Anita’s bridal suite was ready, so we moved across the hotel and got setup in the new room! Huge main area, massive glass sliding doors, absolutely perfect for bridal getting ready shots.

So everyone finished getting ready and we began staging some shots for Anita and her bridesmaids!

Also… how amazing does Anita’s dress look hung up like that!??

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0043.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0045.jpg

And of course we have to get the man of honour in some photos too!

Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0233.jpg

When the laughter subsided, we moved Anita to the adjacent bedroom to proceed with her interview questions while the bridesmaids changed into their dresses. Anita absolutely killed this interview with a perfect amount of emotion and candid energy for each of her answers. Such. Great. Audio. We were seriously in love!

Then, we moved on to some portraits of Anita before she got into her wedding dress! She loved the idea of getting some lingerie shots with the dress, so we closed the window blinds for some soft, diffused lighting and began the portrait session.

And wow did Anita look absolutely stunning!

Along with some lingerie shots getting her shoes on too!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0049.jpg

Then it was time for Anita to get into her wedding dress and it was all hands on deck to help her out!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0051.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0052.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0053.jpg

Just in time for Anita’s dad to come in and have a first look with his daughter! It was such a touching moment with tears and laughter filling the entire room.

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0056.jpg

And with everyone drying their eyes, it was time for another emotional moment as we took JC to a scenic spot for his first look with Anita! Originally we planned on going to Canada Place to do the first look but with the schedule pushed back by 2 hours at this point we decided to move it to just outside the hotel, saving a lot of time in the process. Luckily we found a really great spot at a U-shaped walkway overlooking the water and mountains beyond. All we had to do now was get ready and let the moment happen unfold before us.

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0059.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0062.jpg

Anita looked amazing as she walked out towards JC and when he turned and said “holy shit”, we couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. It was great to see them enjoy their time together on that walkway, a small private moment for the two of them in an otherwise busy wedding day.

And after letting them have their moment, we walked them back towards their bridal party who were waiting to take some photos together!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0063.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0065.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0066.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0068.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0069.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0071.jpg

Then it was time to rush over to the ceremony as it was time for Anita & JC to get married! So they jumped in the car with us and we made the quick drive over to Stanley Park, dropping them off at the entrance to the Vancouver Rowing Club.

But as we started to drive away, we realized the error we had made. This was a sunny weekend at Stanley Park and all, and I mean all the parking was full throughout the park. And with the roads being basically a one-way all the way around the park, this was going to be a big problem.

So I let Lex out with some gear before we had gone too far and I kept on driving hoping to find some parking within a 10 minute walking distance. And finally, I found some at the Vancouver Aquarium. So I jumped out of the car, strapped an easy 40 lbs of gear on my shoulders and began to walk/run my way to the venue, very conscious of the fact that all the guests were waiting and ready for the ceremony to start!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0096.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0072.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0073.jpg

Upon arrival I quickly set up my photo cameras for the ceremony, 3 different angles for video, and took my positions for the entrance! The run over from the parking lot had left me sweaty and out of breath, but I must have set all this up in record time and was ready for the ceremony to start.

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0076.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0077.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0082.jpg

The ceremony began with an outbreak of laughter as Anita’s dress was so large it blocked her dad’s path back to his seat! But once everything calmed down, the officiant began to address the crowd and tell stories about Anita & JC’s relationship together. Everything from how they first met, through to their first kiss and even their travels together. This, combined with the stories from their interviews formed quite the collection of audio that we could pull from for their films! Something we so, so excited about!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0084.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0087.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0089.jpg

They eventually made it through all the laughter and the tears to embrace in a long, dipping first kiss. A pretty perfect end to a rather perfect afternoon ceremony.

Now it was time to run down the aisle together before re-entering and enjoying some time with their friends and family!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0092.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0676.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0697.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0756.jpg

And after having a blast covering the reception, Anita & JC’s friends and family left and went to the after party which was hosted in the room that the groomsmen got ready at!

Which left Anita & JC with some extra time and we decided to make use of the Rowing Club for a quick photo shoot! The building itself is gorgeous but it also has some spectacular views of the city, not to mention a dock that is right on the glassy smooth water!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0097.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0099.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0101.jpg

Somehow Anita & JC kept up the smiles with each other even though they were pretty exhausted from their big day already. We were having so much fun with them we could have stayed shooting here for hours! An absolutely gorgeous scene at the pretty much empty Vancouver Rowing Club.

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0102.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0103.jpg

And of course we couldn’t resist taking some more portraits of Anita in that stunning Galiahav dress!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0107.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0106.jpg

It was a stunning location for a photoshoot but reluctantly, we had to leave. Anita & JC had their friends and family waiting on them so we packed up, and headed downtown to their reception party!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0109.jpg

Upon arrival, Lex & I entered the room before the them and started getting set up. But as nothing was really planned out, we were worried that the entrance wasn’t going to be as exciting as it could be! So we got one of the groomsmen to make an announcement, letting everyone know they were entering and to give them a big welcome!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0110.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0111.jpg

Which was a huge success! And with everyone pumped up about their arrival, it was time to start eating!

Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0116.jpg

Just a nice, simple night spent with their friends and family. No crazy festivities, dances planned, or speeches made, but everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the night!

Last up on the list was to grab a big group photo of everyone, so we just asked everyone to pile in and get laughing!

Anita & JC Wedding Full SD 0857.jpg
Anita & JC Wedding Final SD 0117.jpg

As we said our goodbyes, we were hit with such an overwhelming sense of luck and accomplishment as we knew we had struck absolute gold with Anita & JC. We reached out to them last September to do a free portfolio shoot with us, not even knowing that they were engaged or even having a wedding in Vancouver! Fast forward to now and we just wrapped up one of the best weddings I have ever photographed in my career.

The schedule may have fallen apart, and we may not have had time for all the plans that we had made, but honestly it turned out better then we could have ever hoped and we are SO HAPPY with everything!

So thank you so much Anita & JC! It was such an honour to capture your wedding day and we are thrilled that you love all the results!!

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