Anita & JC Editorial

Ok it’s pretty hard to believe just how PERFECT this shoot went…

Being a new company we are always on the hunt for portfolio and opportunities to go shoot! So when we came across Anita’s Instagram profile, we knew we had to ask if she wanted to work with us and amazingly she said yes! We were so excited and couldn’t wait to meet with her and her partner JC.

So off we went to a coffee shop nearby and met up with them and turns out… they actually got engaged a couple months ago! How did we get so lucky?!

So after an hour or so of chatting and laughing we came away from the meeting smiling and just SO excited about working together! They travel all the time and run a travel account on Instagram so naturally, they are quite the adventurous couple. When we asked them what their favourite hike was they said Garibaldi… which was a 3 hour hike up a mountain to a lake… so of course we said YES! Not every couple would be up for such a crazy shoot so the fact that they were made us so excited.

Away we went to brainstorm and when we met up next we planned out the whole shoot like so:

First we meet up at their gorgeous downtown apartment to shoot some romantic “at home” style shots.

Then we head to Porteau Cove for some gorgeous coastal scenery and to fly the drone!

And finally we simply hike up the mountain to get to Garibaldi Lake and shoot there before sundown.

We also planned out the wardrobe to fit each different environment. Starting with Anita wearing JC’s shirt in the bedroom, then wearing some casual clothes for their road trip to Garibaldi, and finishing off with a gorgeous red dress up at the Lake with JC rocking some business casual clothing. It was perfect, and we were unbelievably excited. But in the back of our minds there was the small issue of shooting at two locations, then hiking up the mountain with heavy gear, then having enough time to shoot before sundown and we have to hike back down in the dark…

So we decided to do a trial run.

And do the hike.

Which was… good and bad. It was great because we got to see how the hike was as well as scout out the area before the shoot. But if we are honest it was not a great day for a hike and quite tough to get up the mountain. Not to mention almost losing the drone… That was a sketchy moment.

But it gave us some more certainty about how much time was needed and we could formulate a plan of attack for the day so we didn’t waste any time. This was key as the sun goes down extremely fast on top of the mountain in late September and we didn’t have much time as it is!

Bonus: I finally figured out why the drone freaked over water as the bottom sensor doesn’t like looking at it’s own reflection or rippling water! Won’t make that mistake again!

Anyways, we were all done with our planning and ready for the shoot ahead. After landing on a day that worked for everyone, it was time to shoot this crazy full day photoshoot!

Check out the film!

As we got to their apartment building, we were just so happy that the sun was out! Thank god we didn’t have to do that hike in the rain again…


Anita & JC were so natural in front of the camera and we instantly started shooting and getting fantastic results! Starting off in the bedroom we were able to capture them playing around and laughing with each other, perfect ice breakers for any photo shoot. And before we finished in their bedroom, we pulled out their box of memorabilia from their travels for them to look through! Also the perfect way to spice up a ring shot.


It is so important to us at Lex & Josh that we infuse story and meaning into each and every photo shoot. Using our couple’s story and relationship as inspiration for the shoot! We believe it makes a huge difference in the end result and are confident that our couple’s love the photos more as well.

Next up we went out of the bedroom for some more photos utilizing the balcony, window, and kitchen to show them getting ready for their adventure ahead!


And with one final shot we were all finished inside the apartment…

And on the road towards Porteau Cove!

As we got to Porteau Cove, my first order of business was get the two of them out onto the lookout point and get the drone in the air! It’s always a little nerve racking flying the drone in public places and over water, so I was itching to get that part over with… But it went without a problem and we got some GORGEOUS shots!

Cue drone GIF…

And of course we snapped some photos too! All in all, this stop off at Porteau Cove was exactly that, a stop off. Quickly jumping out of the car and getting some shots around the area as if they were taking a quick break on their trip to Garibaldi. So we got some epic shots with the surrounding mountains, got closer for some candid moments, and finished with a walking shot that would transition us to Garibaldi!


And just like that… we were at Garibaldi Lake! But not really we are skipping a quite tedious 3 hour hike up that mountain filled with sweat and conversation. It was actually really nice because we got to talk to these two a lot more and get to know them a little better! But truth be told, it was quite a long hike and we were so, so happy when we finally got to the top. If you ever do this hike, just know that the top is worth it and definitely bring a talking buddy as the hike itself is booooooring… But the lake is not, the lake. is. stunning.


Gorgeous right?! But just wait, because these shots are just a warm-up, the best parts of Garibaldi are just around the corner!



Stunning mountain views and ridiculous reflections off a pristine lake. I mean, there’s even a rock bridge leading out to an island! How cool is that.

Unfortunately we had to try our best to stay on time but if we had the option, we would’ve stayed here for hours and hours. It really is a fantastic place to shoot.


I also had some fun with a panoramic image, using a longer lens and shooting 7 images to stitch together inside of Photoshop. This creates a very wide image while maintaining a really nice separation between the couple and the background. And while it looks great on this blog, just wait until you see it printed large inside the album that we made for Anita & JC!


And with a final kiss, we had to say goodbye to this gorgeous lake and head down the mountain. We were so, so happy with how everything turned out during the shoot and simply thankful that everything went according to plan. These full day shoots are always a bit of a gamble as one problem can lead to other parts of the shoot being thrown off so we were just so happy that nothing went wrong and we made it safely down the mountain at the end of the night.

It was sad to say goodbye to Anita & JC but we are really excited to show them the album once we receive it!

And who knows… we might just work with them again!



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