Frequently Asked Questions

So you recently launched your company?


Yes! Although that doesn’t mean that we don't know what we are doing! Josh previously worked as the head photographer and editor at a major photography studio in the past, meaning that he not only knows his way around a camera, but has been to hundreds of weddings!


What's your 'style'?


Honestly our 'style' is telling stories, no matter what your story may be! With both photos and video, we get to know you and your story to figure out the best way we can tell it. If you like dramatic imagery, no problem. Rather focus on your vows and personalized letters, we love it! Josh's previous work has exposed him to every kind of wedding and couple imaginable so no matter how you picture your dream wedding, we can deliver!


How come you charge a flat rate?


Because we don't want to miss anything! If you book us for your day, you get us for the WHOLE day. No time limits at all! And while other companies start at a low price and upsell you with extra hours and albums, we believe in laying everything out in the open so there are no hidden fees or pricing surprises!


How do you shoot photo & video just the two of you?


Through a combination of extra cameras and being extra prepared! Our process includes lots of face to face meetings where we help schedule the wedding day and make sure we know every step of the way. Then with 3 extra cameras at our disposal, we can plan how to capture every angle that we need without introducing strangers to your special day. We get everything we need, and you two get to remain super comfortable and candid!


Why do you include an album with every photography package?


The same reason every videography package comes with an edited film! Photos also need to tell the story of your wedding day and what better way then with a gorgeous premium album!


What happens if you get sick?


In 90% of cases, we fight through it! Honestly your wedding day is INSANELY important to us and we wouldn't miss it for anything… but in the event it is impossible for one of us to make it, we definitely have many friends in the industry that can help us out!


Do you only shoot weddings?


Definitely not! We fancy ourselves story tellers for all kinds of stories! Engagements, maternity shoots, portraiture, and don't forget we also have a commercial website for our non-wedding work!